Sacred Art and a Fascination with Churches in Sicily

When traveling in Italy, Massimo and I love to visit churches, especially in small towns.  We often happen upon small churches and chapels while on our buying trips in Tuscany and Piemonte.  When we are lucky enough to find church doors open, we are thrilled to discover the sacred art inside. And to experience the quiet serenity inside the thick stone walls - a welcome respite from hectic buying trips. 

We are particularly fascinated by the sacred art that can be found in churches in Sicily.  Recently, we visited Cefalu, Tindari, Taormina, and small villages in between.  

Inside the churches, chapels and sanctuaries of Sicily, we have seen the most beautiful examples of Italian artistry – breathtaking carved marble altars, intricate mosaic covered walls, beautiful sculptures of saints, and haunting centuries-old paintings, just to name a few.

In Sicily, they celebrate numerous female saints - not just the Virgin Mary, but also St. Lucia, St. Agata, St. Olivia, St. Rosalia, St. Barbara, and more - and I love to photograph the fabulous statues and images that depict these venerated female saints.

Our travels and experiences in Italy influence the type of objects that we offer. We are always searching for beautiful pieces of sacred art. In our collection of sacred art, we offer objects that evoke spiritual reflection through beautiful artistry.  Check out our Sacred Art Collection.

Heather Dempsey
Heather Dempsey