Ancient Ammonite Fossil Jasper Gemstone Statement Necklace

Jan's Description

This beautiful ammonite fossil is encased in a thick goldtone setting. Ammonites lived from the Paleozoic era to the end of the cretaceous era and jetted around the world's oceans preying on smaller forms of marine life. For nearly 330 million years, they were abundant in all of the oceans until they suddenly became extinct, around the same time as the demise of the dinosaurs, 65 million years ago. Imagine wearing such a unique representation of ancient history!

Vintage goldtone beads, fancy jasper, tiger eye and Czech crystals, ending with a gold plated designer hook clasp finish the necklace which is 19-1/2" long. The pendant is 1-3/4" long.

This necklace is lovingly handmade by me and is one of a kind. This necklace has a timeless look. You can wear it when you feel glamorous or with your favorite jeans, it looks fabulous either way!

About the Artisan

Jan Dempsey has been designing jewelry since she was a “flower child” of the 60’s. As a wife, mother and now world traveler, creating jewelry has always been a source of immense joy and therapy. Her "re-created" pieces are crafted from her own unique assortment of vintage findings and beads. Jan's distinctive designs reflect a relaxed sophistication that takes you from jeans to cocktail dress.