Vintage Mother of Pearl Button Bracelet

Inside Jan's Jewelbox Description

Button, button, whose got the button? Somehow I remember that phrase from my childhood. It must have been a game I played. Anyway, I've got the button now! Six vintage mother of pearl buttons in different shapes and sizes make up this bracelet. Some have interesting details and are nothing like the imitation mother of pearl buttons that you see these days. It is 7.5" long. This one-of-a-kind creation would make a great gift for someone who appreciates old things.

This bracelet is lovingly handmade in my home studio in San Francisco. My creations are a mix of antique, vintage, and new parts. I have loved working with “found” objects for as long as I can remember!  Ever since I started in the '60s, creating jewelry has been a source of immense joy and therapy.