Vernante Pocket Knife Cow Horn


The Consigli family workshop in Scarperia, Tuscany handcrafts an impressive line of regional knives. 

The name of this knife is derived from the village of Vernante, in the province of Cuneo. It features a handle made with the tip of a cow horn and a stainless steel blade.  The blade is fitted with a rear tab which, when the knife is open, rests against the back of the handle to act as a stop to the opening the knife. It is an antique system, widely used in the past for making simple knives without springs, but has almost completely disappeared today. The Vernante is, therefore, an interesting survivor.

This Vernante is 4.5” long when closed and 8” long when open.  

Please note that because the cow horn is a natural product, color variations are to be expected – some are light and some are dark, as you can see in the last photo. Should you desire a certain color, please contact us.