Showstopper Chunky Coral Black and White Necklace

Inside Jan's Jewelbox Description

This one-of-a-kind necklace features an abundance of unusual and special beads. There are batik dyed bone beads, genuine coral, Chinese silver butterfly and turtle, onyx, black lava beads, stone elephant, carved black jade, coconut discs and carved cinnabar beads. The cinnabar pendant features a distinctive peacock - the "thousand eyes" on its tail promote fame and good luck in feng shui and enhance one's protection and awareness. This outstanding creation is 20" long and the pendant is 2 1/2" long.

This necklace is lovingly handmade in my home studio in San Francisco. My creations are a mix of antique, vintage, and new parts. I have loved working with “found” objects for as long as I can remember!  Ever since I started in the 60s, creating jewelry has been a source of immense joy and therapy.