Rasolino Pocket Knife with Cigar Cutter


The Consigli family workshop in Scarperia, Tuscany handcrafts an impressive line of regional knives.  The Rasolino is a typical knife of Sicily.  The name of this knife comes from the shape of the blade that is similar to that of a razor ("rasoio").  It became popular after a law was passed in 1908 which imposed strict limits on carrying knifes with sharp tips and encouraged the production of various knife models with cut-off points.  This Rasolino also has a space in the handle where a cigar can be placed to cut the tip. The handle of this knife is crafted from the tip of a cow horn. The blade is stainless steel. 

The Rasolino is 4 ¼” long when closed; and 7 7/8” long when open.