Handcrafted Olive Wood Bowl from Tuscany


This handcrafted olive wood bowl is as useful as it is beautiful. Great for serving bread, chips, nuts, and fruit. Crafted of a solid piece of olive wood and expertly turned with a simple decorative trim around the rim.  

Our richly grained olive wood products are handmade by a small artisan workshop in Florence. The olive wood is collected throughout Tuscany and then slowly cured over two years.  The artisans make use of the olive wood that is produced by “regenerative” pruning of olive trees, in which the old trunks are removed so that younger saplings can grow from the well-established root system. 

As this is a handmade product made with a natural material, variation in grain and size should be expected.
Approximate Dimensions:  7.75” diameter x 2.5” h 

Care:  Clean using a soft sponge, warm water and a small amount of mild soap.  Dry with a kitchen cloth.  Every so often, coat with mineral oil to prevent the wood from drying out.  Do not put olive wood in the dishwasher, leave it soaking in water, or expose it to a source of heat.