Framed Vintage Plaster Intaglio


Large round vintage French plaster medallion or “intaglio” framed in a substantial vintage frame. The medallion features a classical image of a woman casting a vote. The writing reads “election du president par le suffrage universel” or election of the president by universal suffrage, with the date December 10, 1848 below the image.  Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte won the election, which was the first French presidential election ever held. Despite the image here showing a woman casting her vote, universal suffrage did not include women at the time.

The detail on this intaglio is stunning and is enhanced by the antiqued patina.  

Intaglios were collected during the 19th century on grand tours of Europe. The individual medallions were cast from carved stone molds to serve as souvenirs. 

Condition is very good; minor wear to the frame.

Dimensions: 11.75” wide x 13” h x 2” deep; medallion is 3” in diameter