19th c. Italian Altar Card Cantagloria

ORIGIN: Tuscany, Italy
AGE: 19th century
DIMENSIONS: 13.75" wide x 10.25" h x 1.25” thick
MATERIALS: Metal, glass, wood, paper
CONDITION: Very good; the patina of the brass has darkened in areas; paper shows some foxing.


A 19th century embossed brass over wood altar card or “cantagloria” from Tuscany. Cantagloria were placed on the altar only during Mass and they contain the prayers that the priest would have recited during the Mass. We found this cantagloria in Lucca.

Often, mirrors are placed inside of altar card frames to use as home décor, and that could be done with this beautiful frame as well.  Space for a mirror is 8.75" x 5.25".