Spring Corkscrew with Stag Horn Handle


This spring-assisted corkscrew is handcrafted by the Consigli family workshop in Tuscany.

The spring-assisted corkscrew was first produced in Germany in the 1800s.  Consigli is now reproducing this antique style of corkscrew with their usual superb craftsmanship.  The handle is the tip of a stag horn.  A “paper clip” stop keeps the pressure of the spring on the wine bottle to assist with cork extraction.  After removing the cork from the bottle, the paper clip can slide out in order to remove the cork from the worm.  A fun conversation piece for your next party and a must-have for corkscrew collectors!

The Consigli family workshop is located in Scarperia – a village in the Mugello region of Tuscany where the production of cutlery has continued since the 1400s.

Dimensions:  4 ¼” l x 1 ½” w x 6 ¼” h.  The corkscrew comes in a wooden box with a paper sleeve.