Pattada Pocket Knife Ram's Horn


The Consigli family workshop in Scarperia, Tuscany handcrafts an impressive line of regional knives.  This Pattada pocket knife is their version of the historical Sardinian knife.  The handle is made with two halves fixed with a row of rivets and the absence of a true spring, which is typical of the original Sardinian model.  Consigli has been supplying knives to Sardinia for so long that their Pattada knives have become “Sardinian by adoption.”  Consigli signs these knives with a different name they developed just for the Sardinian market – “A. Brotzu Pattada.”

The handle of this knife has two pieces of ram’s horn.  The blade is stainless steel.

This pattada is 4 ¼” long when closed and 7 ¾” long when open.  

Please note that because the ram’s horn is a natural product, color variations are to be expected – some are light and some are dark as shown in the last photo. Should you desire a certain color, please contact us.