Technology + Antiques = Shopping Fun

Houzz View in My Room AppTechnology and antiques may seem like an unlikely combination, but the latest innovation in 3D augmented reality is helping make online shopping for antiques a little easier, and definitely more fun. We all know it can be difficult to imagine how a piece you see on the Internet might look in your home, but now there is an app for that!

Fatto a Mano has joined the Houzz online marketplace (with over 300,000 furniture and home décor products) where our antiques are reaching a large audience across the nation. Recently, Houzz has added “View in My Room 3D” to their iPhone and iPad app so shoppers can preview products within their own homes before they buy.

Download the free Houzz app from the App store.

Download free Houzz app


The app is very easy and fun to use. Here you can see my entryway with the pair of antique sgabelli that we have for sale on the Houzz marketplace (yes, my cat snuck into the photo!) You can then add these photos to a Houzz ideabook, or simply take a screenshot to save to your mobile device.

Sgabelli in my entry


To view items from Fatto a Mano on the Houzz app, click on the “Shop” button and then type “Fatto a Mano” in the search field, and select the link under “Shop.” There you will find a selection of our antique furniture, accessories, and hand-painted ceramics. Once you click on an item, you will see the option to “View in my Room.” Let the shopping fun begin!

Search for Fatto a ManoClick on View in My Room

Heather Dempsey
Heather Dempsey